Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy March!

Happy March!

I just know march is going to be great because Feb was sooooo wonderful.

I had so many new callers with the kinkest fantasies.
My fave callers are the ones that want to be my jerk-off sluts. These are the hottest masterbators to me because I make them slide their fists up and down MY WAY.

IF they are good, I MIGHT let them cum. If they dont follow my directions, too bad bitch. lol

I make these jerk-off junkies go hard, soft, fast, slow, tight, loose, and anyway I want.

It is sooo much fun to hear them moan and beg to cum. Haa haa I dont have to let you if I dont want to!

FYI I took some new photo sets, all you have to do is email me and ask nicely and I will send you some. One if my best slaves sensual was the first to get some of my new pics. Just ask him, he went crazy and fell in love with me over my titt shots. lol

I cannot wait to see what March brings....maybe more masterbating addicts, some picture lovers, and hopefully a new sugardaddy to pay for things I like.

Dont forget to check out my go a long way in impressing me.

Bye bye! :P

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