Friday, August 7, 2009

Losers sluts


loser stevie just sent ME $280 towards ME taking this down.
I have decided he has until MIDNIGHT TONITE to send me another $370 to take all his pics down. I think its kinda CUTE how pathetic he is? Dont you?

Rubber dildo: $25
80's glasses: $100
Buyout price: $650

Having your pics NOT sent to family and friends: Priceless...


Hi boys-

I have been having a great time on Niteflirt teasing and teaching losers how to jerk-off.
I also have had some really HOT calls with some sissies and financial piggies too!

Today I am in the mood to talk about one of my loser oink pig sluts.
This little loser writes ME and begs ME to use him, abuse him, and "rape" his mind and wallet. He continues to want to be pushed to the edge and back. I caught this loser on cam making a total idiot of himself. He claims that he is scared to be discovered for being such an ass and sh*t loving pervert, but I think he wants to be found out!!!

This useless wanker is Jake Malone aka Steven Goode. He apparently makes porn- look him up!!!
He loves to be a victim! Look at his ugly 80's glasses, ewwww! He makes my stomache turn!

This loser is sooooo warped that he INSISTED he get on cam and show me how pathetic he is! He even wrote "pig" on his forehead in marker. OMG LOSER!

THEN he takes his marker and writes "sh*t stain" on his body! GROSS! Hes wearing tidy whiteys, SICK!
For his FINAL perfermance, he sticks this plug in his ugly, skinny sagging butt and then takes it out and puts it in his mouth! ON CAM! And licks it! Hes a poopy eater? GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How icky and messed up is that???
I have a TON more pics of this loser- jerking it, crying, laughing, ect.
All you have to do it email ME to get them.
ATTN: Stevie aka Jake- if you want this taken down contact me! Otherwise I am sending it all over! LOLOLOL
I hope you all didnt gag on how gross he is!
More on my adventures later!
-Miss Natalie

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  1. Good God, your spelling is horrendous! How could anyone possibly submit to a woman who never passed 9th grade English?