Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lots of cummers this weekend!!!

OMG I never knew there were so many guys needing to be "taught" how to cum!!!

This weekend I have had a ton of slutty callers begging ME to teach them how to cum stronger, deeper, and harder. No problem for ME, 'cause I love to boss and dominate these jerk-offs and make them hold off until they have a big load!
I really do enjoy training men, sluts, slaves, pets, losers, whatever, how to hold off until they can feel the huge orgasm approaching. IT IS HOT FOR BOTH OF US!!!

What is the point of a squirt unless it is big and powerful?

I simply hate two-minute cummers and would rather b*tch them out then hear them shoot in under 2 mins! How dumb and pathetic are you to have NO control? How totally worthless can you be- that when you hear a HOT girls' voice - you lose your wad so quickly? lololololol

The lesson:
Stronger, longer, more intense, larger orgasms are HOTTER!!!
Short, tiny itty bitty squirts are boring.

I guess I should update you on that crazy loser stevie, but I will next time.
He really is soooo horrible looking isnt he? lololololool

Call soon- time to learn to jerk if MY WAY!!!


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